Get an enterprise-ready Arabic Document Understanding solution with outstanding accuracy and efficiency.

Save time, boost productivity, and take your data extraction into the future.

What is

Our mission is to be the best Arabic Document Understanding online and transform how GCC businesses capture and utilize their data. is more than just an online OCR. It is the hardest-working member of your team in the quest for growth.

Commercial OCR software uses the latest in AI-powered intelligent document processing to extract data from a variety of sources and convert them into searchable, readable, and editable text.

Multilingual Document Understanding

Our Document Understanding offers a secure transition to digital operations. With cutting-edge AI technology, it supports both Arabic and English in a single document. Its automation and intuitive machine learning eliminate manual data entry, allowing employees to focus on more critical tasks.

Maximizing Productivity with OCR Automation

With OCR automation, you are streamlining your daily operations and unlocking the potential within your organization so productivity can thrive. Each step of the extraction process is made simple, and any member of your organization can quickly and efficiently deploy OCR software to extract key values from invoices, purchase orders, and any other business-related documentation. ML-Powered Solutions

With cloud and on-premise support, you can access your data from anywhere at any time, and our enterprise-ready models are optimized to ensure it is captured accurately and efficiently. Thanks to state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities, it gets smarter the more you use it and will improve its accuracy and efficiency over time.

So How Does it Work?

Fantastically well. Sanad uses finely tuned and sophisticated AI to turn structured and unstructured information into easily accessible data, saving valuable time and resources on manual entry. Intelligent extraction from our online OCR gives your data a new dimension by providing actionable insights that can give your business a competitive edge. Seamlessly.


Upload your PDF, JPEG, or PNG, so our AI can work its magic and begin extracting your data.


Our intuitive AI algorithm will then assess your document and detect the information required for extraction.

Data Extraction

Sanad will extract the data and generate a document optimized for further editing, accounting, and storage, depending on your selected model.

Try For Free online OCR simplifies your document understanding needs using four conversion models: Generic, Invoice, PO, and Iqama, each with its unique algorithm for customized data extraction.

Select a Conversion Model

Choose from one of four extraction models for added customization according to how you want your data displayed.

Add Your File for Extraction

Drag and drop your PDF, JPEG, or PNG containing no more than three pages and a maximum file size of 30 MB.

Collect Your Data

Download your extracted data as a spreadsheet or import it to a destination of your choice.

So whether you are converting an image to Arabic text or English text, advanced algorithm and ready-made models pave the way for operational efficiency in three easy steps.

Why Choose

No more valuable resources wasted on manual capture. No more costly errors. Just a better way to do business.

Secure, AI-Powered, and Trustworthy

If you want the best way to convert image to text, Sanad.a deploys industry-leading AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models that are data-safe, secure, and easy to use. We know how important your data is, and complies with the strictest data security standards to give you complete confidentiality.


As an OCR document scanning solution, is intuitive and versatile, and its ability to automate complex workflows and multi-language support makes it a powerful ally to any business. Able to integrate into several departments and sectors, boasts easy integration with third-party systems via API or file outputs.

No training
Required is built for business, but it is also built for people. It requires no training, and its drag-and-drop feature means you and your team are only a few seconds away from a fast and accurate answer to your document understanding needs.

Use Cases OCR adapts to diverse industry needs, turning images into actionable data. It’s perfect for corporate document management, healthcare administration, and more.

Invoice Processing

Maximize the potential of your invoice management with Arabic image to text conversion and integrated business intelligence functionality. Automate revenue calculation, tax estimation, and customer ranking for a comprehensive understanding of your financials.

Purchase Orders

Enhance procurement workflows with automated data capture from POs and seamless integration with UI Path. Our Arabic image to text converter streamlines procurement processes by reducing manual effort and improving accuracy.

ID Card Verification

Capture and accurately extract ID cardholder information from scanned cards and documents with Arabic optical character recognition. Enable efficient linkage of transactions with the cardholder's name and ID. Optimize internal and external verification needs at scale.

Capturing Trade License Data

Automate data capture for trade licenses with our advanced AI technology, extracting critical data. Deploying our OCR means real-time alerts on approaching license expirations, enabling proactive action based on the license holder's information.

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