ID Card Extraction for Modern Organizations.

Removing manual entry from ID card extraction is a game changer for any modern business. With our OCR ID scanner, you are only seconds away from capturing its relevant data and storing names, dates of birth, ID numbers, and more. 

Use cases for ID card OCRs like incorporate a variety of scenarios requiring ID verification, KYC, onboarding, access control, and insurance validation. It is as simple as importing, processing, and exporting to your desired destination. 

ID Card Verification delivers some of the best OCR data capture software on the market to automate ID card data capture and give you streamlined onboarding and verification. Capture and extract ID cardholder information with the highest precision from scanned cards, documents, emails, and a range of other sources. 

Enable super efficient linkage of each transaction with the cardholder’s name and ID. With, you can optimize your internal and external verification needs and enhance your data management with OCR automation

Passport OCR (GCC)

Passport OCR is another way ID scanning system can transform your operations. Our industry-leading NLP can accurately and efficiently convert GCC and English-speaking passport information into searchable and usable data in seconds. This means your newly extracted data is easily stored and accessed digitally whenever needed. By automating your identity verification processes, you can make passport control delays a thing of the past, especially in areas of high traffic like airports, border posts, and immigration departments.

Travel management in GCC countries is centered around speed, efficiency, and security. With OCR document scanning, you can ensure that you are always fully prepared to offer service and assistance that emphasizes real-time processing. 

Trade License Data Capture

Integrating data capture OCR gives you real-time alerts when a license is approaching its expiration date so that you can take proactive action. 

Take the manual work out of capturing data related to trade licenses with our advanced AI and train it to extract key information, including issue dates, expiry dates, license numbers, and company names. 

AI-Powered Decision Tools for Diverse Industries

Our tailored AI also gives you access to decision-making tools to help you make better business choices with automation in a host of industries, including.


Health Care
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