Intuitively Automated Workflows.

When you integrate OCR data solutions, you are future-proofing your organization. As your business grows,’s carefully crafted machine-learning model adapts and learns to give you better accuracy and more ROI. 

Simplifying your workflows with automation that saves time, saves money, and reduces errors is a simple decision that can bring near-term and long-term rewards that positively impact every aspect of your operations.

Text Extraction OCR

Manual capture and entry of essential documents hamper businesses because it is time intensive and costly, and the core benefits of integrating intelligent document understanding solve both of those problems. The landscape is highly competitive, so ensuring your B2B and B2C transactions happen as smoothly as possible is crucial to building relationships. is a multi-language platform that allows you to convert an image to Arabic text or English, and our best-in-class NLP can extract structured or unstructured data to give you high-performance output from an array of sources. 

Table Extraction OCR

Tables contain some of the most crucial business data, and getting the information you need at speed and with exceptional accuracy is key to any company’s data management system. Our optical character recognition algorithms extract and validate your tabular data to ensure the seamless capture of crucial figures. Easy export via Excel spreadsheets means it is ready for storage and sharing right away.

Intelligent document understanding has applications spanning a broad spectrum of industries, from healthcare services to finance, retail to municipal. Wherever there is a tabular representation of your data, can safely extract data that matters.

AI-Powered Decision Tools for Diverse Industries

Our tailored AI also gives you access to decision-making tools to help you make better business choices with automation in a host of industries, including.


Health Care
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