Accounting Solutions. Made Simple.

With outstanding business data capture capabilities, you are in complete control of your financials, and by automating with us, you are also giving your team the time and freedom to concentrate on high-value tasks. 

With OCR invoice recognition, read and extract critical invoice information in English and Arabic. Ensuring all your essential line details are captured, checked, and ready to go. 

Invoice Processing

Take your invoice management to the next level and gather invaluable insights into the nature of your profits, performance, and financial trajectory. automated invoice handling with machine learning and OCR allows for superior data understanding from invoices and incorporates a powerful business intelligence (BI) component for comprehensive analysis and statistical operations. 


With our expert OCR for invoice processing, you benefit from automated revenue calculation, tax estimation, and customer ranking based on profit gains. Develop a deeper understanding of your financials, forecast future growth, and make informed decisions with cutting-edge invoice automation. 

Purchase Orders

Evolve your procurement workflows by optimizing data capture from purchase orders (POs) and easy integration with third-party apps like UI Path. automates processing POs, capturing all necessary information, and directly integrating with UI Path for efficient handling. 


With our Arabic image to text converter, you can simplify and accelerate your procurement process with automated data capture, reducing manual effort, improving accuracy, and nurturing vendor relationships. 

Receipt OCR

Enterprise-ready and always available to give you the edge over the competition, combines AI and machine learning to bring exceptional data extraction to your receipt management. For frictionless accounting in the digital age, OCR for invoices and receipts adds speed and efficiency to your operations in every transaction.

Extract and parse data from your receipts instantly and do away with the need for time-consuming manual capture in English or Arabic. With our no-code receipt and invoice scanning software, error-free bookkeeping across any industry is just a few clicks away.

AI-Powered Decision Tools for Diverse Industries

Our tailored AI also gives you access to decision-making tools to help you make better business choices with automation in a host of industries, including.


Health Care
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