Unlocking Exceptional ROI with From Digital Invoices to Tech Veterans

Whether you are taking your first steps toward digital transformation, building on your existing tech stack, or want to upgrade your data capture software, Sanad can drive exceptional ROI within your organization. 

Accounting Solutions

With OCR invoice recognition, read and extract critical invoice information in English and Arabic. Ensuring all your essential line details are captured, checked, and ready to go. 

ID Card Extraction

Use cases for ID card OCRs like incorporate a variety of scenarios requiring ID verification, KYC, onboarding, access control, and insurance validation. It is as simple as importing, processing, and exporting to your desired destination. 

Automated Workflows

Simplifying your workflows with automation that saves time, saves money, and reduces errors is a simple decision that can bring near-term and long-term rewards that positively impact every aspect of your operations.

AI-Powered Decision Tools for Diverse Industries

Our tailored AI also gives you access to decision-making tools to help you make better business choices with automation in a host of industries, including.


Health Care
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