Who we are

Our multi-language Arabic optical character recognition reflects our dedication to opening doors to this new world. is With the emergence of new technologies being adopted at a rapid rate, those who can embrace a bright new future of AI and human collaboration are thriving more and more Harnessing AI to Empower, Not Replace, Human Talent is optical character recognition software created by our parent company, PROVEN Solution, and is headed up by a team of developers whose passion lies in allowing businesses of any size and stature to utilize the incredible capabilities of AI and machine learning to thrive in the digital age. As an industry leader in providing emerging technologies, we have always believed in the talents of human beings, and our products are always designed to augment and assist the people within your organization. Not replace them. 

Perfecting Arabic OCR

Our team has spent countless hours perfecting extraction models that can change the trajectory of businesses, boost their productivity, and remove the obstacles that stand in the way of sustainable growth. Our mission is to give you the best Arabic OCR online possible, and we stand by our promise to discover ways to improve our services.



Revolutionizing Modern Business Processes. Seamlessly

Changing Landscape of Business

As the world shifts, so does the business world. Global connectivity is leading to unprecedented partnerships and collaborations. Dedication to Connectivity

Our multi-language Arabic OCR showcases our dedication to bridging the gap in this ever-evolving world.

Universal Adoption of AI

With new technologies emerging rapidly, businesses that embrace the synergy of AI and human collaboration are flourishing.

Democratizing AI for All

Utilizing AI in business processes isn't limited to a few; its benefits radiate throughout organizations of every size.

Stepping into the 4th Industrial Revolution

We aim to be pivotal in this revolution, providing unparalleled OCR solutions that bring measurable ROI and enhance operational efficiency.

Harnessing Potential with Our Models

Our ready-made models are designed to extract the utmost value, ensuring that institutions can capitalize on their most valuable resources.

The First Arabic OCR Platform
to Unlock Multilingual Document Processing.

Uniquely able to process and extract data from documents and images in both English and Arabic, even within the same document, opens up a world of possibilities for businesses operating in the GCC region. With, language barriers are a thing of the past, allowing you to easily extract valuable insights and scan Arabic text from image files. is not just another OCR platform but the first of its kind to support Arabic data extraction and understanding.

User-Friendly and Intuitive.

User-friendly and requiring no training, our simple and intuitive drag-and-drop feature allows you and your team to obtain fast and accurate results with ease and simplify workflows in seconds. Say goodbye to wasted resources on manual data capture and costly errors, and say hello to our user-friendly interface, partnered with its powerful AI that your team will love. 

Your Data is Safe with Us.

We understand the importance of data security and confidentiality, and protecting your data and ensuring compliance with the strictest data security standards is our highest priority. Take on each new customer with the peace of mind of knowing that all sensitive data is handled and stored securely, whether on-cloud or on-premise.

Tailored Extraction Solutions.

Our four conversion models are each powered by their own unique algorithm for customized data extraction. This personalized approach to extraction allows you to deploy OCR software to fit a range of requirements. Whether you need to extract information from invoices, purchase orders, or identity documents like Iqama, our Arabic OCR software adapts to your needs, delivering precise and reliable results that you can trust. 

Partner with an Industry Leader in Data Extraction.

The best OCR solutions are the ones that you can trust, and by partnering with us, your document extraction and understanding requirements are always in the safest of hands. We know how important your reputation is, and we are here to ensure that it grows with every transaction and interaction, helping you build and nurture relationships that will take your operations into an era of even greater prosperity. 



Talk to us about we can automate your data extraction and document understanding capabilities into the future and revolutionize the way you do business